Atelier 3 : Grow your business online with an impactful shipping strategy

1 octobre 2019
11:30 am à 12:00 pm Salle 512AB
Kamyar Asadibeiky

Speaker : Kamyar Asadibeiky, Machool – In 2018, global eCommerce sales hit nearly $3 trillion, pushing online’s share of total retail sales over 15%. Though online purchases still represent only a fraction of all retail sales, it continues to rise at a steady clip, bringing ancillary industries, like shipping, along for the ride. Last year, UPS alone delivered more than 5.2 billion packages and documents!

The growth of eCommerce places an ever-growing burden on global carriers. But, how does eCommerce shipping impact the average consumer? What are merchants doing to ensure shipping and logistics practices align with customer expectations?

** conférence en anglais**